On-light - Éclairage professionnel

Notre compagnie ON-LIGHT Éclairage

ON LIGHT was established in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, a suburb of Montreal in 2011.


From its early beginning, ON LIGHT's mission was all about doing things differently, without compromises. No compromises on fixture design, components being used, sustainable solutions approach as well as its commitment towards its customers. Like your own business, ON LIGHT only offers what's best to its customers.


Doing things differently is all about offering products who's philosophy isn't limited to the North American lighting industry approach, products that push the envelope with bold concepts and innovating technologies including the very first closed-loop temperature monitored and IC-controled fan cooled luminaires in North America. This exclusive COOLΞD-powered technology is not only revolutionary, but it also enables to yield one of the highest luminous flux available. This translates into less lighting fixtures to buy, install and maintain.


A no compromise on quality system approach means selecting the very best components to offer only high performance products to our customers: die-cast aluminum components for a more roughed construction and better heat dissipation than their sheet metal counterparts, LED chip that offers up to 97 CRI, COOLΞD proprietary closed-loop temperature monitoring driver and 17 dBA zero-friction brushless MagLev® fan (nearly inaudible), no lenses to maximize lighting fixture performance (more yielded light than conventional lensed products and no dusty lenses that alters beam spread/light output & yellow through time), ΞZ Swap 95% reflectivity pure aluminum reflectors & baked polyester textured paint finish (roughed scratch-resistant finish that offers great camouflage for fingerprints unlike glossy paint finishes). 


At ON LIGHT, saving the planet through sustainable solutions is dear to our heart. That's why our products are manufactured in Canada and why ON LIGHT offers Back2LifΞ, an exclusive luminaire End-of-Life reconditioning system. Back2LifΞ provides cost-effective luminaire reconditioning for a fraction of the original luminaire price and ensures that all worn-out components are being recycled. It offers LED chip, brushless fan and LED driver replacement of existing lighting fixtures and substantially reduces your business carbon footprint while helping to save the planet one lighting fixture at a time. 



ON LIGHT's commitment towards our customers is about put ourselves in your shoes and offer truly advantageous solutions for you:
     - No-cost high CRI options (up to 97%)
     - Easy to install products to helps reduce acquisition cost
     - Flexible to use for easy maintenance
     - Temperature monitoring prevents luminaire overheating while maximizing life
     - Brushless fan cooling yields a higher luminous flux thus reducing the number of luminaires to buy, install and maintain


ON LIGHT offers an inspiring sensorial experience through its european-styled showroom, where visitors can compare different light sources for the three following market segments:

     - Shop/Retail
     - Commercial Office Spaces
     - Industrial


This technical showroom environment enables visitors to compare the following light sources:

     - LED's and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps
     - Low brightness/performance LED's and high performance LED's
     - LED's and halogen
     - LED's and T5 or T8 fluorescent
     - HID lamps and compact fluorescent
     - Warm white / cool white color temperatures and their effect on color
     - DALI control & monitoring technology for both automated building scheduling as well as simple applications


For us at ON LIGHT, lighting is all about LIGHT WITHOUT GLARE.
ON LIGHT luminaires are available everywhere in North America.