Even if it is not ideal, it often happens that light fixtures are installed before the completion of the construction or renovation works. This results in an undesirable accumulation of dust on the components (LEDs, electrical and electronic circuits, etc.) as well as on the reflectors. Also, despite the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is not uncommon to notice fingerprints on the reflectors.

The dust accumulated on the reflectors will have the immediate effect of considerably reducing the level of illumination. You could notice a loss of luminous flux of up to 20% meaning you will not get the full potential of your investment as of day one.


More importantly, the dust accumulated on the components and the fingerprints on the reflectors will significantly reduce the lifespan of your lighting system. It will reduce the cooling capacity of your fixtures and contribute to a phenomenon similar to “cooking”, thus increasing the heat level to harmful levels.

Heat is the sworn enemy of everything electrical and electronic including lighting systems. It is in fact the main cause of the deterioration of these. Hence the importance of choosing dynamically ventilated products (COOLΞD) such as Ξclairage On Light’s products as well as performing regular preventive maintenance.


Better be safe than sorry. If you already have a team on site, they can contact Ξclairage Onlight’s team at any time for information and advice.