The next generation of smart sound systems that transforms in-store environments.
Exceptional sound, super-quick installation and low cost of ownership are just some of the unique benefits offered by Spottune.



A wireless smart speaker with a discrete design providing remarkable sound. With omnidirectional radiation reaching 360 degrees, 3D acoustic design and a powerful 4-inch driver, Omni guarantees superior room-filling sound.
As it’s compatible with 3-phase light track systems, Omni Track gives you a true plug & play experience, and takes less than 2 minutes to install.


For high ceilings with standard outlets, Omni Cord can be installed with a cord solution too. The speaker can be suspended from the ceiling to a desired height just as a pendant light.


For ceilings with recessed light installations and no tracks, Omni comes in a recessed version. The speaker is installed and powered just as a recessed light or spot.

Accessory, speaker not included




A wireless subwoofer designed to be set up in minutes and used in combination with Spottune Omni speakers.
A closed box with a 10 inch woofer, offering bass augmentation and low frequencies.


The central transmitter in the Spottune system streams audio from a great variety of inputs and also transmits and broadcasts audio to all the speakers.

Plays audio from AUX, USB, Microphone and Cloud controlled inputs. The Stream can transmit music to all speakers in up to two music zones through its wireless, digital audio broadcasting technology.





The Spottune Cloud Service is the effortless solution that lets you have full control over all your locations from your HQ.

  • Manage individual sound zones or bulk edit them
  • Manage music input across locations from your HQ
  • Enterprise solution for music, promotion and announcements





Fast & flexible installation

Spottune Omni is compatible with track lighting systems — it’s powered by the tracks and can be mounted without using any tools. Since the speaker fits the existing infrastructure, its use saves hefty installation cost and doesn’t require long, bulky cables. When powered up, the speakers are automatically paired with their music transmitter and ready to play in minutes. Omni offers a great level of flexibility in terms of its effortless relocation, making it a lasting product for your business.




The acoustic design of our Omni speaker is specially made for retail stores and areas where people move around a lot. It has a simple, clean cylindrical shape, designed to fit into any existing light installation. The unique design provides a sound experience that’s synchronised and clear all around the room.