Who we are

Who we are text needed in english

Ξclairage On Light is a high efficiency LED lighting product manufacturer. The quality and sustainability of the products was proven and acclaimed by renowned companies in the retail industry, the institutional, the industrial sector and more. Our products meet the highest standards and offer innovative and proprietary technologies.

By combining its three main production lines, Ξclairage On Light can usually meet all needs and expectations.


Commercial applications

Offices, retail stores, malls, librairies, halls


ON LIGHT products

Recessed, suspensions and rail mount

Decorative, architectural and custom lighting

Linear, signage, furniture built-in office lighting


KOOLED products

Aluminium profiles

Industrial and specialized lighting

Industries, sports facilities, unprotected outdoor areas, harsh environments (humidity, dust, heat/cold, chemicals).


PRACHT products

Batten luminaires and tubular luminaires


Some Highlights :

  • Unmatched power and efficiency
  • Unparalleled energy efficiency and durability
  • The lowest cost per square foot
  • Products designed for your needs
  • Unique services


Ξclairage ON LIGHT has solutions for everything and is committed to offer its customers high quality products, a personalized customer service and tangible (measurable) benefits.