Offices, retail stores, malls, libraries, halls.



Linear, signage, furniture built-in office lighting.



Industries, sports facilities, harsh environments.





Ξclairage On Light is a high efficiency LED lighting product manufacturer. The quality and sustainability of the products was proven and acclaimed by renowned companies in the retail industry, the institutional, the industrial sector and more. Our products meet the highest standards and offer innovative and proprietary technologies. By combining its three product lines, Ξclairage On Light can meet all needs and expectations.

Highest light brilliance without glare. Quick to install products to helps reduce acquisition/installation cost. All parts are interchangeable, flexible to use for easy maintenance. Temperature monitoring prevents luminaire overheating while maximizing life.

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Ξclairage On Light has solutions for everything and is committed to offer its customers high quality products, a personalized customer service and tangible benefits.