Ξclairage On Light and its team are committed to customer’s satisfaction. It is important that customers experience the “WOW” factor once their project is completed.
Although it may, for some, seem trivial, a light fixture incorrectly oriented can greatly reduce the performances and qualities of your lighting system.

Ξclairage On Light recommends that a professional light pointing is done at the end of the construction/renovation work and, ideally, after each floor plan change. This will greatly increase the overall lighting level, highlight what needs to be and put an end to the very unpleasant and harming glares for the employees and customers in the premises.

If you already have a team of experts, know that they can contact Ξclairage On Light’s team at any time for information and advice.
If necessary, Ξclairage On Light’s team can also refer you to experts in your area or even dispatch its own team on site when it is deemed preferable or necessary.